Eyelash Extensions

Full Set of Classic Lashes: $120

Eyelash extensions are the best way to have fuller, longer and thicker lashes. Unlike false lashes, they stay on longer and you can wear them while swimming, having a shower or sleeping and are a longer term solution. The eyelashes are applied individually and have a 1:1 ratio with your current lashes.

2 Weeks refill: $50

3 Weeks refill: $65

4 Weeks refill: $80

After a period of time, some lashes naturally fall out since they are attached to other lashes. It depends on where your eyelash growth is at. This is why it is recommended to continue coming back for refills if you want a more permanent look of fuller lashes.

Note: If no/minimal extensions remain, full set price applies

Extension Removal: $50

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